Biodynamic Chablis

You will probably have heard of organic wine production but have you come across biodynamics? It’s the new kid in town, utilising homeopathy, astronomical charts and other practices that might seem odd at first sight. However, more and more growers are adopting biodynamic wine production methods in the belief that it is the best right way to produce the best wine. This is most obvious in Chablis and so I went to a seminar on the subject at the Royal Opera House in London to find out more.
Among the wine makers mentioned in the podcast are: Julien Brocard of Domaine de la Boissonneuse; Roman Bouchard of Domaine Pascal Bouchard; Francois Denis of Chateau de Vibiers; and also retailers Fresh And Wild and Christof de la Londe of Sarromond. We’d like to thank the BIVB Chablis-Grand Auxerrois and Fleishman Europe.

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