Beer is possibly the oldest form of manufactured beverage; certainly, the earliest documented. Over the last century or so, it has gone from home- and pub-brewed ales, through the industrial-made horrors in the 60s/70s, and now it’s back among the small operators with an explosion of small and microbreweries around the country. These are sometimes little more than a single vat in a hygenically and fully licensed shed but they almost all produce beery nectar. The Kernel brewery has 6 fermenters and produces beautiful beers so I paid it a visit, there also to meet both a home-brewer and an establised player in this game.
The Kernel Brewery is in Bermondsy and opening times and contact numbers can be found on their website. Barry wishes to remain anonymous. Brewdog produce a range of terrific beers and can probably be found in your nearest supermarket. The Kernel’s beers can be found at Utobeer, The Rake, St John’s Restaurant and Bar, Hawksmoor, The Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House, The Draught House and elsewhere in the area or from the brewery on saturdays. The song at the end was performed without embarrassment by Johnny Mindlin and is a shameful corruption of Down At The Old Bull And Bush.

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