What’s New In Champagne?

Some things are traditional and unchanging; or at least that’s the impression we have. It always rains at Wimbledon, the hats are huge at Ascot and Champagne will always be, well, Champagne. So, one might ask, what’s the point of the Champagne Bureau’s annual tasting in The Banqueting House, London if we’re going to get more of the same? Obviously, there’s the chance to taste unaffordable vintages and spend time in beautiful surroundings. But the times they are a-changing. There are trends and fads, styles and fashions so I went along in the spirit of research to find out what’s new in the ancient and tradition-bound world of Champagne:
Bruno Paillard is chairman of the Champagne Appelation Defence Commission. I also spoke with Cecile Bergart of Revelstoke Wines, Barry McCaughley of Wineaux, Colin Hynard from Cellar Trends and Manuel Janisson of Champagne Janisson et Fils.

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