Champagne Bureau Annual Tasting 2013

It’s spring, it must be Champagne!

As the years roll by, I’m start to realise how short they’re becoming. Why, it seems only a couple of weeks ago that I was at the Champagne Bureau‘s annual tasting in the Banqueting House in Whitehall, London. As it happens, they DID hold the tasting the week before last, so that’s OK, then. Each year, there is an effort by the communications office to send out a new message about Champagne. This year, it’s that we’ve been drinking more expensive Champagne and this event was a chance to taste some of it in one of the most beautiful rooms in London.

The people who kindly contributed to this podcast are Paul Bevis, chairman of the Champagne Agents’ Association and MD of Lanson International for the UK and US; Francoise Peretti, director of the Champagne Bureau in London; Thierry Morigeon, Sales Director for Champagnes & Chateâux and Clare Leech the Trade Marketing Manager for same; and Christelle Gratiot, the Export Manager for Champagne Gratiot-Pillière who import to the UK through Armit Wines.

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