Thiénot UK and Canard Duchêne

The UK Champagne market is, as we’ve said again and again, complex and crowded. Importers and makers need to fight prety hard to be noticed. One of the problems is the sheer number of brands and labels available. However what we, the consumers, often don’t realise is which Champagne is owned by which other Champagne house.

So to clarify one point: Thiénot UK own Canard Duchêne and they offered us the chance to take a peek at their output in the gorgeous surroundings of 6 Fitzroy Square in London:The people who kindly gave their time for this podcast are Greg Sherwood MW of Hanford Wines, consultant Paticia Stefanowicz MW, Stansilas Thiénot and Alexis Petit-Gats. It was organised by Limm PR.

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