Oahu Beer

Beer is everywhere and is the oldest known alcoholic drink – beer yeasts were found in the Pharaoh’s tombs. The quality varies place to place and the styles and tastes vary over time but, starting from America out into the English-speaking world, craft beers are taking over. They have now properly reached Honolulu on Oahu in Hawaii, which can only make the place better, in our view (there are craft breweries on the other Hawaiian islands but not on Oahu). This growth in craft beer is partly fueled by home-brewers. Once we realised this … well, we had to go and check it out!We had a wonderful time talking to Geoffrey Seideman, owner the Honolulu Beerworks at 328 Cooke Street, Honolulu; to Cindy Goldstein the Brew Diva from HOPS Homebrew Club who says you can reach her on hops@hawaii.rr.com; Mike Smith, owner of Homebrew in Paradise currently at 2646B Kilihua Street, Honolulu and Anthony Messina, the Beverages Director at REAL Gastropub at 1020 Auahi Street Kaka’ako who allowed me to pester his clients for their views. We’re also grateful to the Kona Beer Company for hosting the HOPS event in Hawaii Kai.

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