Beer Tasting at Home

There comes a time when you want to gather friends and enjoy an evening with a bit more of a purpose than simply chatting, drinking and singing (maybe the singing is just my circle of friends). There are games nights, Murder Mystery Dinners (I highly recommend the range from Paul Lamond Games), tastings and many other, less conventional entertainments. In this case we’re talking beer tasting. I had too much and I have several friends who enjoy a glass of ale; this was a match made in heaven … probably not, actually, as you will hear:

We had beers from Sharpe’s brewery: Atlantic  Atlantic, Doombar Doombar, Wolf Rock Wolf Rock, Cornish Pilsner Cornish Pilsner, Number 8 Single Brew Reserve Single Brew Reserve and Number 9 6-Vintage Blend No 9 6-Vintage Blend.

From Brains The Reverend James, we had The Original Rev Original , the Rye Rev Rye and Gold Rev Gold. We were hosted to a wonderful evening meeting the Rev James team at the Bull Pub in Highgate.

And, from the East London Brewing Company, we had Cowcatcher cowcatcher

We originally came across Cowcatcher at a beer and cheese tasting at Paxton and Whitfield in St James,

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