The Official # Champagne Experience Day

Sizzle or Steak? If you have a hugely popular event and you give it a name that precisely describes it, then it might sound a bit dull: “A room full of people tasting fermented grape juice and spitting” is not enticing. But call it the Champagne Bureau’s Annual Tasting and things are getting better. The go a step further and re-name it “The Official #Champagne Experience Day” and suddenly you’re young, modern and trendy. Move the event to a brick and concrete warehouse behind Kings Cross Station and it doesn’t sound great but relocate to the beautifully restored building of Central St Martin’s, walking distance from the Eurostar terminal and, again, we’re off!

The result is the same – you get a room full of people tasting and spitting fermented grate juice … but it’s great fun and hugely informative! Then hold the event the day after Article 50 is signed and you have a real hum-dinger!

Francoise Peretti, representing the Champagne Bureau welcomed us to the event, where we met Rob Whitaker, who works with Champagne Jacquart in the UK, Steve Parsons of Genesis Wines who work with Jean-Marc Seleque Champagnes, Diogo Veiga of Champagne BrimoncourtTerence Kenny of Champagne Pannier and Charles Fourny of Champagne Veuve Fourny et Fils.

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