Wines of Brazil

Brazilian wines. You’ve seen them – they’re the ones that look just like anyone else’s wines. They are in Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and other retailers but don’t go looking for bright Brazilian colours or the yellow, green and blue of the Brazilian flag – they’re nowhere to be seen. Brazil takes its wine pretty seriously and they see no need to appear faddish. Is this a good idea? Well, I spoke with Judy Kendrick of JK marketing about this: JK marketing this year won both the International Wine Challenge 2015 ‘Generic Campaign of the Year’ and The Drinks Business Awards 2015, ‘Best PR Company‘ for the campaign for wines of Brazil so, if anyone should know, she should. I met her at Fizz, the Sparkling Wine show in Church House in London.

The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting 2014

Sometime life simply gets in the way. There are periods when everything is going swimmingly – you do what you want to do in the time you need to do it and it all runs smoothly. Then there are the periods, of indeterminate duration, when there is too much to do, too much to consider and too much to think about to achieve any of the stuff you wanted to. Such has been our situation since the simply beautiful Definitive Italian Wine Tasting last June (I know!!!) in the Royal Horticultural Halls’ Lindley Hall.

So, with apologies to everyone who wanted to see this, here is a snapshot of the day – it was instructive, fun and beautiful.


Every area of work has its networks of colleagues, contacts and friends, and, in an ideal world, it’s difficult to tell them apart. The same is true of the fraternity and sorority of wine-writers. We meet and compete in the convivial atmosphere of tastings and presentations and develop a sense of closeness, of belonging … that sometimes even lasts after the alcohol wears off! Read More